D&D is a dynamic boutique consultancy dedicated to bespoke solutions to both individual and corporate clients.

Commercial & Corporate Law
Property Law and Unfair Competition
Litigation &
Dispute Resolution
Property Law & Conveyancing
Family &

Commercial & Corporate Law

D&D advises on and prepares commercial agreements to meet the needs of clients whatever the scenario. We are dedicated to giving our clients a commercial advantage and protecting their interests at all times. Should disputes arise in relation to commercial matters D&D will use our commercial dispute resolution and litigation expertise to support clients in the Courts, via arbitration or through alternative dispute resolution.
D&D assists both private and corporate clients with a variety of contentious matters.

Business Start-Ups & Entrepreneurs e.g

  1. Founder shareholder, partnership and LLP agreements
  2. Articles of association and constitutions
  3. Companies House and Turkish Chamber of Commerce filings
  4. Supply and sale agreements

Consultation and Contracting e.g

  1. Commercial contracts
  2. Terms and conditions of business
  3. Sale and purchase agreements
  4. Distribution and agency
  5. Licensing and franchising
  6. Outsourcing arrangements
Intellectual Property Law
and Unfair Competition

D&D protects brands, trade names and get-ups from threats in the marketplace irrespective of sector, whether they operate in the real-world or online. All businesses generate their own copyright material including trademarks, domain names and design rights. D&D supports them, large and small, by defending their creativity and ensuring they retain the ability to be fully compensated for their endeavours. We take on wide-range of intellectual property cases starting with availability searches before application to cancellation and nullity cases. We help clients with the following:

  1. Trademark, Patent, Design applications before competent authorities
  2. Trademark, Patent, Design prosecutions and oppositions
  3. Anti-counterfeiting and copyright disputes, including custom seizures and infringement actions relating to design copies, look-alikes, and grey imports/parallel trade
  4. Passing Off
  5. Domain name disputes
  6. Drafting IP transactions
  7. Preliminary injunction proceeding, sending short notice warnings and main proceedings in unfair competition law disputes

Litigation & Dispute Resolution

D&D offers clients complete solutions in all our practice areas whether circumstances call for a negotiated settlement early in proceedings or a vigorous defence through to trial. Before suggesting litigation, we advise our clients on alternative forms of dispute resolution such as negotiation or mediation. Following consideration of your aims, options and the relative strengths and weaknesses of each party, D&D works with you to monitor developments, reduce risk and come to a successful resolution.

  1. Commercial and Contract Disputes
  2. Intellectual Property Disputes
  3. Real Estate Disputes
  4. Recognition and Enforcement of Foreign Judgements
  5. Debt Collection
  6. Tortious Claims
  7. *Power of Attorney (To be able to being represented in Turkey in all legal matters.)

Having worked with D&D Legal for the past 6 months I have been very impressed with the speed and commercial pragmatism of their services, both in relation to general advisory and litigious matters. They quickly identified our business needs and helped us to achieve the best results for the Company through the most cost efficient route.

Cynthia Kapoor | Head of Legal, ASOS.com Limited

Property Law & Conveyancing

Purchasing a property abroad is an adventure for many of our clients but it can often be more complex than buying a property here in the UK. Devoting a portion of the purchase cost in specialist advice will help you sidestep the pitfalls and provide peace of mind that all your bases are covered.

Property transactions are already challenging but when faced with a myriad of obstacles such as language barriers, cultural differences and foreign regulations, it is challenging to keep track of circumstances and guarantee you are following the right processes. We have expertise in the Turkish conveyancing system and know the inheritance laws inside out. Our experience and multilingual skills will ensure your transactions run smoothly, with minimal hassle and costs.

From the initiation of your purchase or sale, we will inform you of each new development, making sure that all aspects of the process are transparent and fully explained. We will also assist in drawing up contracts and other legal documents you require.

  1. Acquisitions and disposals
  2. Landlord and tenant matters
  3. Land registration
  4. Military clearance applications and title deed transfers
  5. Possession claims

Family & Inheritance
  1. Divorce (contested & uncontested) and Separation
  2. International Child Abduction and Parental Relocation Abroad

Divorce is difficult but when property, money and the on-going care of your children is at stake, it is essential you have a team of trustworthy attorneys to support you. Whatever your issue, we offer an ethical approach along with the determination necessary to achieve the resolution you are looking for.

  1. Wills & Probate & Estate Administration

After death, the assets of the deceased are dispersed. This is made simple where a well drafted and current will is in place. Where there is either no will or a lack of a legally binding document, we advise on how best to proceed. We can assist at every stage including:

  1. Applying for a grant of probate or letter of administration
  2. Dealing with inheritance and transfer tax issues
  3. Dealing with issues in the will or to do with intestacy
  4. Guiding you in the collection in and distribution of the assets
  5. Helping you to administer the estate